Spyro the Dragon, was a video game character created and designed by Insomniac Games for Sony Computer Entertainment. The dragon starred in three games: Spyro The Dragon (1998), Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (1999), and Spyro: Year of The Dragon (2000).

In the North American/British versions, he was voiced by The Taco Bell Chiuahua in the first game, Yancy Fry Jr. in the Spyro 2, 3, and 4 and and in the Japanses versions, he was voiced by Akiko Yamma.

No matter how much fame and fortune the character got, Spyro games ended in production after the realease of Year of the Dragon becase Insomniac (Spyro's creators) were so high on crack one day that they gave Spyro to some other companies who were really serial killers that ended up killing the purple dragon, his dragonfly Sparx, Hunter, Moneybags, Zoe, Elora, Professor, the dragons and whoever else was in a Spyro game from 1998-2000. In honor of Spyro's death, various midget purple dragons took his place and various other animals took the other character's places for "new Spyro games" in their honor. It was revealed in 2002 that Insomniac hired Ratchet and Clank to lazer blast everything to do with Spyro because they don't want anything to do with Spyro and care more about Lombaxes with sticks than their beloved mascot.